Setting Tools

The standard in setting.

Get set for success, every time, with Magnum’s easy-to-deploy setting tools.

The right completion products can only take you so far. Sometimes, you need a setting tool to get it all in motion. Magnum’s A-1 Hydraulic and Hydromechanical setting tools are engineered to ensure the reliable performance you need on operations with bridge plugs, composite plugs, packers and cement retainers.

Setting Tools

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Line of Setting Tools

A-1 Hydraulic™

These products convert applied hydraulic pressure into a pull force to set bridge plugs, composite plugs, packers and more. All without rotation. All with reliable results.


Used to set composite cement retainers and circulate cement, Magnum’s hydromechanical setting tools offer dependable performance—without the need for rotation or multiple trips.

Magnum Hot Rod™

When reliable downhole data is required, the Magnum Hot Rod™ is the solution. The Magnum Hot Rod™ is run downhole in conjunction with the Magnum Vanishing Plug™ in order to provide operators with a snapshot of wellbore conditions.