Pump-Down Gun Sub

Perf support, perfected.

Magnum Gunslinger Pump-Down Gun Sub helps get wireline perforating guns exactly where they need to be.

When it comes to pumping down perf guns—we’ve got your back. That’s because the Magnum Gunslinger Pump-Down Gun Sub not only helps clear the wellbore for more effective flow, but also helps set guns in place faster and more reliably. So you end up with perf operations that go off without a hitch.

Pump-Down Guns Subs

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Pump-Down Gun Sub


No pump-down tool is quicker on the draw. In the event of misfire, built-in fluid ports allow bypass through the bottom to avoid swabbing the well. It also helps set perf guns faster while clearing away debris.

Magnum Tool Pusher™

The Tool Pusher™ is a simple solution to an ever increasing problem. This innovative product reduces fluid bypass area around the bottomhole assembly, saving water and improving well economics.