There when you need ‘em. Gone
when you don’t.

Magnum dissolvable products were engineered to deliver all the completion performance you need—without all the intervention.

The best kind of completion tool? The one that takes care of itself. That’s how Magnum dissolvable products are changing the completions game. Through a cutting-edge thermoplastic material and highly effective tool design, our dissolvable products are helping operators improve performance while making intervention costs disappear.


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The plug disappears—but the savings don’t. Engineered to dissolve within a range of common temperature and pressure settings, the MVP offers reliable flowback without the need for costly intervention.

Hollow Point™

With a 10K psi rating and single slip design, the dissolving Magnum Hollow Point™ is ready to eliminate coiled intervention from your well.


Your days of fetching frac balls are over. The Fastball offers the compressive strength to handle downhole conditions, while also dissolving at predictable rates for interventionless sliding sleeve operations.