Composite Cement Retainers

Tough hold.
Easier mill-out.

Magnum composite cement retainers were designed for dependable setting and faster mill-out—so you can expect rock solid zone abandonment for as long as you need it.

Nobody likes abandonment, remedial testing or cement squeeze issues. That’s why Magnum tubing, casing and interventionless composite cement retainers were engineered to help you manage your next cementing job with confidence. Designed with our proprietary composite material and aluminum components instead of cast iron, these tools were built to hold tight for permanent jobs—and mill out easier than the competition for temporary solutions.

Composite Cement Retainers

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Mill E-Z CCR™

The Mill E-Z Cement Retainer utilizes quick-mill materials and a built-in poppet valve assembly for all-around smarter performance in tubing or casing cement retainer applications.

Magnum Series CCR™

Remedial cementing and zone abandonment have met their match. The Magnum Series Composite Cement Retainer features a built-in sliding sleeve assembly for reliable operations when casing cement retainers are needed.

Interventionless CCR™

No tubing, no problem. The Interventionless Cement Retainer was designed to eliminate the need for tubing when it comes to remedial cement squeeze operations and more.