About Magnum

From our product experts to the entire structure of our company—everything we do at Magnum is built around designing products with purpose.

Better completion products start from the outside in.

At Magnum, we initiate product development the same way every time—through a drive to design each product with purpose.

It starts with an in-depth understanding of the applications our clients face in the field. Simply put, we engage them. Listen to their needs. Learn every play as well as they do, so we’re not only able to understand challenges—we're also able to help anticipate them. And only then do we design products to match those specific applications.

We know it’s a novel concept—but it’s one that has served us well for over 25 years. Founded by Lynn Frazier, Magnum has always set out to develop products that are simply smarter than the rest. Period. From our team of experts to our innovative facilities to our organizational structure, it’s truly a part of everything we do. And it’s why customers around the world trust their completions to Magnum.

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